Saturday, 7 May 2011

An Introduction

From a young age I have always enjoyed playing tabletop games, whether it be Dungeons and Dragons/ Battletech or anything else that involved well painted miniatures, impressive scenery and a set dice. One of my favorite games out of the bunch has always been Warhammer 40,000, no matter how many times I seemingly give up on wargaming I always find myself drawn back by this one.

 I believe one of the main draws this time has been reading other peoples blogs devoted to their warhammer armies, especially the fluff and conversion heavy ones. I love the idea of merging products from different companies together to create a truly unique looking force on the field. Inspired, I have decided to begin my own heavilly converted Tau Auxilliary force.

 With the creation of a new army, I have at last decided to join the legions of bloggers and create my own to accompany my project. This should hopefully keep my interest and focus on the army going and any criticism will help me make better decisions.


  1. For benefit of us non-40k ers why don't you give us a bit of your own fluff? Who/what are the Zenobian Aauxilliaries?

  2. I don't have a full background for them written up yet but when it's finished I'll post it up :)